New NSFW Blog

Late last week it came to my attention that my old NSFW blog got deactivated. So I went ahead and made a new one. 

If you want to follow it, here it is! As expected, the blog itself is 18+. So you shouldn’t follow if you’re a baby child:

I’ll be updating it a lot more than the last. Mostly with sketches. 

Thanks, xlthuathopec, for telling me about that repost! You’re super cool~

MICE is this Saturday and Sunday, October 4th and 5th! Drop by Porter Sqr. and come say hi! I’ll be in the corner where the red dot is attempting to sell a comic book and chugging coffee to stay awake. I also might be doing commission stuff too.

Admission is 100% free! Anything you spend there is solely on any comics and swag you want to bring home with you!

docdrex replied to your post “Question: Why does your main NSFW blog occasionally get deactivated? It’s irritating beyond anything.”

someone’s probably flagging it for something that’s against the TOS (I assume it’s for rwby stuff since someone would flag it as underage) and thus getting it deleted?

Maybe. I’ll just have to remake it and be a bit more careful about what I upload in the future. 

Anonymous sent:

Question: Why does your main NSFW blog occasionally get deactivated? It's irritating beyond anything.

I didn’t know it was deactivated until you told me. Not really sure what happened, but I’ll remake it.
Sorry for the trouble!

Christie - Dead or Alive

Maybe I should’ve printed more of these. Oops.

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I drew my comic in a manga style instead of an anime style.

The front cover of Eun-X-Cel vol. 1

I’m going to be selling copies at MICE this October!

I heard Texas got flooded with rain. The situation must be very pour down there.

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