I’m a little obsessed with Dead or Alive. Yeah. Just a little.


Maybe after I finally manage to stop laughing because holy shit

Holy shit someone took that RWBY fan art I did a while back and made a RWBY OC out of it this is fucking hilarious I can’t stop laughing

Holy shit, I don’t remember being that into Dead or Alive before, but I’m having the most fun I’ve had with a game in a while playing this! Even better that it’s portable and I can take it where ever I want.

I’m gonna draw so much DoA fan art later it’s gonna be nuts.

Also, if I can get it to work, I might try and stream some USFIV. It’s not going to be anything serious. Just me and a buddy messing around and yelling stupid crap while we beat the tar out of one another. I’ll throw up a link if that happens.

Got this in the mail today! Time to play as all the female characters and almost never the male ones. Not really ‘cause it’s DoA, but ‘cause that’s apparently a thing I tend to do with any game.

Anonymous sent:

What happened to your nsfw blog?

It’s still around. I changed the url though and forgot to mention it. Oops.

Message me if you want to link to it again! (Off anon though, since I can’t reply privately to anon messages.)

I miss shaman king

From what little I read way back when, I remember it being pretty awesome. 

Got a package today from a college buddy! I can’t wait to read all of these!

Stasiaarts sent this to me! You should all go follow her for some adorable artwork!

Mature & Vice

Yeah, I know I haven’t updated in like, a super long time. Sorry to those who read the comic! I’m working on the next chapter. Just haven’t been satisfied with how it was turning out, so I’ve been redoing it a lot. That’s not a good excuse I know, but I’ll have a better looking chapter up sooner than later!