I hate drawing backgrounds.

I play too much Skullgirls and this happens.

I drew monster girls am I popular yet?

I’ve been feeling like everything I draw is stupid lately, so I’m trying to integrate some new stuff into the stuff I usually enjoy drawing. Results pending.

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Shinobu - Concept art


A buddy and I were discussing fighting games earlier, and I ended up expanding on an old character concept I had. I think it’d be really fun to design for a fighting game some day, but until then, I can always dream on paper!

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A dramatic reading of this:

I tried out some new drawing techniques on an old character.

A lot of the time I hear a voice in my head saying my work is worthless and that I won’t get anywhere.

So I learned to look in the mirror, stick out my tongue, give myself the finger, and get my butt back to work.

" L e t ’ s   b r e a k   h i s   l e g s !  "


Here’s some monochrome, or whatever you crazy kids’re calling that pairing nowadays.

Reblogging myself because for some reason I’m really proud of this picture.