I drew my comic in a manga style instead of an anime style.

The front cover of Eun-X-Cel vol. 1

I’m going to be selling copies at MICE this October!

I heard Texas got flooded with rain. The situation must be very pour down there.

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I’m going to be selling around 30 of these at MICE in October! Drop by and say hi!

I Work at a Frozen Yogurt Place and this Happened
High Schooler: So are you like, in high school?
Me: Nope!
High Schooler: College?
Me: Noooope.
High Schooler: You... Can't be in middle school, are you?"
Me: Hahaha! Nope.
High Schooler: Are you home schooled?
Me: Nope again!
High Schooler: Then... Are you just like, really stupid?
High Schooler's friend: D8!!
Me: ... ._.

darkflow replied to your photo “Work perks: I get free frozen yogurt, and I’m allowed to draw during…”

Looks awesome~. Hopefully I get to draw during my job when I’m out in the world.

I hope you do too!

I really lucked out with that job. Both the co-workers and customers are nice, and there are predictable slow periods where I’m usually able to get a couple hours worth of drawing done at the least. But even when I was still working at a super market I still managed to squeeze in some drawing here and there, so I guess it just depends on how busy shifts are.

Also on how well you’re able to juggle your workload with drawing. My managers tend to not mind since I don’t ignore customers by accident when I’m doodling. 

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Work perks: I get free frozen yogurt, and I’m allowed to draw during my shift.

Me: I play my games the way I dress.
Friend: Casually?
Me: Badly.

I got tagged by dulce-de-mizeria​, soooooo… Let’s do this!

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  1. Uhhhh, I like anime? Dun dun duuuun lighting flashing in the background big plot twist.
    Hmm… Well, be it anime, cartoons, comics, movies, whatever, the thing I enjoy the most are characters. Good characters alone can push a series along. Like, Tom & Jerry and NIchijou never really had an sort of deep, complex story, or even any at all, arguably. But both shows are really funny not only because of the slapstick, but also  because of how the characters react and interact in different situations and scenarios. So really well done characters in any kind of media get me like, super excited.

    On the other hand though, poorly done characters almost infuriate me. Luka from The Wonderful 101 irks me to no end, as did how Superman was portrayed in Man of Steel. It’s even more enraging when a character has the potential to be done well, but just isn’t. That’s a whole ‘nother rant though.

  2. I really like fighting games. I’m garbage at them, but I still love playing them. I love the fast paced and complex gameplay, I love the animations… I really like the designs and costumes, and I really love the music. Fighting game music is almost always awesome. 

    Far as fighters go, the franchises that I’ve enjoyed the most so far are the King of Fighters, Skullgirls, BlazBlue, and Dead or Alive games.

  3. Hmm… Kind running out of things to say already. Um… Ahahaha, Well… There have been moments here and there where I’ve really been tempted to draw a straight up hentai erotic comic. Never really gotten around to it. Like, even if I did it, where would I upload it or print it? What could I do with it? I have no idea. So at this point, if I did do it, it’d just be sitting around collecting dust. And I’ve got other things to keep up at the moment anyways. Like that webcomic I haven’t touched in how many weeks (Just kidding I’m still working on it I’m just putting a lot more details into this next part).

  4. Speaking of that, I have like, a small collection of… Mmm… Ahem, THOSE kinds of comics. I bought one at an anime con just because, and when I held a hard copy in my hands it was like, “… I need more.”

  5. One more. Uhhhhhh…

    I’ve taken a few acting classes in the past. They were a lot of fun, and I would like to continue with it. I don’t know if I was any good or not, but hell, I had a blast in those classes. I have the same thoughts about martial arts, but you know, being an adult and priorities. Shrug.

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Your turn. Go do this thing! Or don’t. Iounno. I’m gonna go eat food.

Sketch doomp

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